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Stadium Trail Well Site

The city of Peoria is installing a new well site located adjacent to the Sports Complex reservoir and booster pump station on the west bank of Skunk Creek, south of the Peoria Sports Complex. The new well will replace an older well that has been abandoned. The new well will supply raw groundwater for irrigation to the Sports Complex and potable water to the reservoirs, supplementing demand in the City’s water distribution system.

The new well will be built in two phases.

The mobilization, prep work, and the drilling phase will begin in mid-August. Work will be performed 24 hours a day for approximately four monthsSound barriers will be installed to surround the site to minimize noise to the surrounding area during drilling. Additionally, for safety of the crew, temporary site lighting will be installed. Once the well work is complete and the city knows the production capacity and water quality, the design for the well equipment (equipping) will begin.

Construction for the well equipping is anticipated to begin in summer 2023 and be completed by fall 2024. This work will include the installation of the well pump, piping, and electrical necessary to connect the well to the distribution system.

Construction Notice